thank you for being born
+18. they/them. portugal. infp. pisces.

hello, i'm kai! i'm an aspiring artist who loves space, the stars and the ocean and is constantly dreaming of seeing the world free like a bird.

i've been described as affectionate and cheerful for the most part, also very emotional and passionate, so i'm always talking about the things i love the most and my beliefs. i'm very enthusiastic about phantom thieves and knights as a whole, both of those have been a huge part of my life since forever!

i'm mainly into idols, mobage, otome and video games, my main interests are ensemble stars and fate. other than that, i also really love tales of, bravely, zero escape, etc.

- enstars: tsukinaga leo, suou tsukasa, mikejima madara, hidaka hokuto (knightsP/trickstarP)
- fate: artoria pendragon, richard the lionheart
among many others of millions of series but that's literally all you need to know

please look at my otp before leaving

thanks for reading and have a nice day!